Donna Cromeans  
I write fiction, what's your superpower?
Welcome to my website. I'm Donna, writer of stories that get to the heart of romantic fiction. 

othing's better than a great romantic story with strong heroes and heroines who come together while facing/living the adventures life and I put in their path. One of the first things, among many others, you'll learn about me here is that I don't think just outside the box, I think like there is NO box!

I can't remember a time when I didn't want to write. I spend my days writing in my role as a public relations professional, and at night I let the characters and stories that call to me throughout the day come out and play.

You'll meet a few of them here: Grace Rayburn, the homeless aspiring fashion designer who gets the opportunity of a lifetime in an unusual way; Dr. Liz Martin, a flamboyant, red-headed pediatrician with a preference for designer heels and a
passion for the 6-year-old niece she's raising while trying to find her long lost sister; Mike Slade, a fictional 1940's detective who steps out of his book and finds himself dealing with 2012 Chicago to save the life of the captivating author who created him;  Colby Monroe and Sarah Richardson two haunted loners looking for forgiveness, only to find that for one of them time is running out.

Hopefully by getting to know them, and through the other pages on my new website you'll come to know and like
Donna Cromeans

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