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Just A Little More
Wishes and Dreams
Everyone has one. You know, one of "those" lists of amazing or exhilirating things they'd like to do. I have one of those lists too only I REFUSE to refer my to list with any word that starts with "B". Instead my list is a list of Wishes and Dreams, things I'd like to see or do. I'm sharing a few here with you. Some I'd like to accomplish and some I already have!

1. Win an Romance Writers of America® Rita award and have it presented to me by it's namesake and my good friend Rita Clay Estrada! (Who just happens to be one of the founders of RWA®)
2. To hear my favorite singer, Katherine Jenkins (the amazing Welsh mezzo-soprano) sing in person, and if lucky get to meet her. (***DING DING - this one happened this summer when I heard her sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City and got to meet her!)
3. Have a glass of wine from a villa as I sit and look out over the vineyards of Tuscany.
4. Visit all 50 states. (22 down-28 to go!)
5. Kiss the Blarney Stone
6. Have a Dickens Christmas in London.
7. See a book or script of mine come to life on the big or small screen. (Half credit for this one with our sale to Star Trek: Next Generation.)
8. Learn to ballroom dance.
9. Pilot a glider
10. Take a stroll on the Great Wall of China.
And that's just for starters.....How many items on your list have you accomplished?
Just A Few of My Favorite Things:
Anything Caramel
Anything sung by Katherine Jenkins
My back porch on a late summer's evening
Movie musicals
Taking a vacation in the mountains
Mexican Street Corn from Babalu's Restaurant
Spending time with friends

Authors Whose New Releases I Never Miss
J.D. Robb
Lisa Scottoline
Erica Spindler
Jill Shalvis
Susan Mallery
JoAnn Ross
Delores Fossen
Catherine Mann
Merline Lovelace
...and many more

Women I admire -not for who they are or what they do, but how they do it. (Here's a hint: Things they share- grace, strength, courage, dignity, humor, and talent.)
Some you may know and others you should:
Jeanne Kirkpatrick
Julia Child
Margaret Thatcher
Condalezza Rice
Meryl Streep
Katherine Jenkins
Chris Evert
Ann Cromeans
Kay Gaspard
Amanda Tappping
Rita Estrada
Parris Afton Bonds
...and so many more...
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